Our Team Grants Partnerships
Data Analysis
Program Evaluation
Program Implementation


  • Our research-driven team develops papers and programs to deliver ICMM’s Mission and progress towards achievement of its Vision.
  • We encourage submission of qualified research grant proposals that are consistent with ICMM’s Strategic Objectives.
  • We welcome partnerships on order to pool joint, diverse resource to explore common areas of interest.

Data Analysis

  • Our team works with clients to analyze data as it relates to their consumer money management programs, such as retention rates.
  • The ICMM team conducts qualitative analysis for clients, such as providing assessments and recommendations of financial coaches’ interactions with individuals.
  • There are projects where we will combine our efforts with partners on more complex or leading-edge studies.

Program Evaluations

When our clients launch pilot or formal programs that are aimed at improving individuals’ money management behaviors, the ICMM team will provide research-driven assessments of their program outcomes and effectiveness.

Program Innovation and Implementation

ICMM utilizes a research-driven approach to develop, implement and assess programs that assist individuals and families improve their money management behaviors. These projects typical begin with field and literature research, followed by a prototype phase for initial program prove-out, followed by formal roll-out and continuous assessment.  Dependent on the project scope and potential technology to be utilized, our team will work independently or with partners.