Financial Decisionmaking Game

With a grant from the Institute of Consumer Management, PBS and the Center for Advanced Hindsight are developing a free, online game for the popular NOVA Labs platform for teens informed by the latest behavioral insights in the domain of financial decision-making. This game at the heart of the NOVA Financial Literacy Lab (working title) will feature cutting-edge behavioral change interventions and enjoy wide public distribution, with outreach focused on high-need communities. It will also serve as a testbed for research, providing insights for the education, behavioral science, and finance communities into how to cultivate healthy financial behavior in the real world—valuable lessons that should reverberate well beyond this initiative.



  • Stage 1: Behavioral Science Foundational Work
  • Stage 2.1: Game Production (6 months)
  • Stage 2.2: Tweaks and Evaluation During 6-Month Game Production
  • Stage 3: Game Launch and Post-Development Evaluation (9 months)